The Key To Building Pinterest Creative That Converts Users To Customers

Pinterest Reaches 77.4 Million Americans A Month

Pinterest is no longer a small and niche social media platform.

Pinterest reports they reached over 300 million active users worldwide in Q2 of 2019 and those users are quickly converting to customers. 90% of Pinterest users visit the site specifically to make purchase decisions and 59% of millennials have discovered new products on Pinterest.

The time to include Pinterest in your marketing mix is NOW.

Monthly Active Pinterest Users Worldwide From 1st Quarter 2016 To 2nd Quarter 2019 (In Millions) –

Getting Started On Pinterest

Prior to launching your Pinterest ads it’s best to

  • Determine your campaign goals
  • Determine your target audience
  • Ensure the Pinterest Tag has been installed on your website so you can effortlessly track purchase conversions

However, one of the most important aspects of a Pinterest ad campaign is crafting creative specific to the platform itself. Users on Pinterest have become accustomed to consuming content in a particular format and if your ads appear lackluster when viewed by your target audience, you’re unlikely to drive sales.

We’ve determined 5 simple steps to ensure your Pinterest creative is in the best place to turn new viewers into customers and drive purchase conversions.


5 Traits Of Excellent Pinterest Creative


1  Make sure you’re using the correct aspect ratios

Both your image and video assets should be 2:3 or 600 x 900 pixels. Other ratios will cause your Pin to truncate which can impact performance.

2  Include your brand logo or watermark

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, your ad will not be displayed in tandem with your page’s logo. It’s up to you to ensure users are aware of your brand, so include your logo directly on the image itself.

However, don’t place your logo in the lower right corner. Pinterest displays product icons in that corner which can potentially cover your logo.

3  Include a call-to-action

A 2018 study conducted by Pinterest determined that ads that included a call-to-action directly on their image drove 6% more sales lift than those that did not.

Embrace the freedom of being able to create your own customized call-to-action. Variations of your call-to-action can include, but are by no means limited to the following:

– Show Now     – Explore Now     – Find Your Size

– Order Now     – Donate Today    – Shop Sale Items

4  Use bright, high-resolution, lifestyle imagery

Similarly to Instagram, Pinterest users care deeply about post quality. Ensure you’re posting high-resolution images with preferably bright colors that capture user attention.

5  Use headings and subheadings to convey product info directly on the image

Unlike Facebook and Instagram your ad will not be immediately accompanied by copy. Users will have to click on your Pin before they are shown any additional text. This means it’s important to include branding and product information directly on your image. 

Don’t be scared to include headings and subheadings with product features, taglines and slogans on your image.


Testing Your Profitability On Pinterest

Launching ads for the first time on a social platform you’re unfamiliar with can be daunting. Just like any new advertising push on social media, it will likely take a few months of testing to determine which combination of strategy and creative generate the highest return on ad spend for your brand.

However, by getting started on Pinterest soon you are ultimately setting up your brand with a huge competitive advantage. Remember when CPAs on Facebook were insanely low because there was no competition on the platform? So do we. Pinterest is on the rise, but the market is still incredibly less saturated with advertisers than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This means cheaper cost per purchases and higher return on ad spend.

If you’re interested in getting started on Pinterest, contact a member of the DRM team to determine if Pinterest is the right fit for your brand!

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